Australia's Dog Minding Club!
Australia's Dog Minding Club!

Terms and Conditions

The Service

1.1 Ronster will facilitate any person (a pet owner) wishing to locate another person (a pet minder) willing to mind the pet owner’s pet.

1.2 Minding will take place at the pet minder’s or pet owner’s home as may be agreed between them.

1.3 Ronster will use your personal details (name, phone number, address) for the purpose of matching you with a minder in the same geographical area. Ronster will share the personal details of the owner and suggested minder with the other so that the owner and suggested minder can get in contact to arrange details of the minding.

1.4 Ronster respects your privacy and will not share your details with any third party.

Contract between Pet Minder and Pet Owner

2.1 On receiving a request from a pet owner Ronster will attempt to locate and then nominate a pet minder willing to mind an owner’s pet.

2.2 Ronster will provide contact details of the pet minder to the pet owner.

2.3 The pet owner and pet minder will make their own arrangements for the pet’s stay under the care of the pet minder.

2.4 Ronster has no responsibility for the terms of the arrangement entered into.

The Fee

3. A fee of $20.00 (inc GST) is payable to Ronster on each occasion its service is used.


4.1 A pet minder is not entitled to any fee for minding a pet.

4.2 Instead each person who has indicated a willingness to mind pets will receive three credits upon first registering with Ronster.

4.3 In addition, for each day a pet minder minds a pet he/she will receive an additional credit.

4.4 Any person wishing to acquire additional credits may purchase them from Ronster at a cost of $30.00 each.

4.5 Credits may be redeemed by use of the service. Each credit entitles the holder to have his/her pet looked after by a pet minder for one day.

4.6 Credits are not transferable between members.

Owner’s Responsibility

5.1 The pet owner promises that his/her pet is healthy and has been appropriately vaccinated and will provide a copy of the pet's latest vaccination certificate to the minder.

5.2 The pet owner acknowledges that the pet minder may need to have the pet examined or treated by a veterinarian.

5.3 The pet owner undertakes to pay all veterinary fees that may be incurred by the pet minder.

5.4 The pet owner will not make any claim on or take any action against the pet minder in respect of any act or omission of the veterinarian.

Ronster’s Responsibility

6.1 Ronster accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the suitability or capability of any pet minder to care for a pet.

6.2 The pet owner and pet minder will indemnify Ronster for any claim (whether in contract, tort or under statute) that may be made by a third party either directly or indirectly as a result of the supply by a pet minder of any minding services.

6.3 The pet owner and pet minder release Ronster from any and all liability (whether in contract, tort or under statute) that may result from:
(a) loss of or injury to a pet; or
(b) any loss or damage (including damage to person or property) caused by a pet.

This Agreement

7.1 The pet owner and pet minder acknowledge to be bound by this agreement by them ticking the box marked Accept

7.2 Pet owners and pet minders acknowledge that they will be bound by this agreement every time they use the service.