Australia's Dog Minding Club!
Australia's Dog Minding Club!

How does Ronster work?

Ronster can only work if everyone does their bit – if there’s no reciprocal caring then this just becomes like every other dog-minding site in town. So here’s how it works:

Ronster works with the use of credits. One night of looking after someone else’s pooch will EARN you one credit. One night of having your pooch looked after will COST you one credit (two dogs will cost you two credits, etc).  The more you mind others’ dogs, the more credits you earn to have your own dog looked after!

When you register for Ronster, you will receive three credits. If you need your dog minded for more than three nights initially, you can look after someone else’s dog first and EARN additional credits, OR you can purchase additional credits for $30 per credit. The reason we are charging for additional credits is to encourage the reciprocal nature of this idea.

As a minder, you do not get paid – the currency of Ronster is in credits, which enable you to have your dog looked after at a later date.

For each time you are successfully matched with a minder, there is a $20 matching fee (per dog), regardless of the length of stay. Compare this with up to $35/day at kennels and other minders!!

You will notice our registration form asks you many questions about your dog and dogs you want to mind – this is so we can match you as best as we can to a minder, to ensure that your dog has a happy stay and you have a worry-free holiday!