Australia's Dog Minding Club!
Australia's Dog Minding Club!


Q. What does Reciprocal mean?
Reciprocal means something that is given or done in return. In the case of Ronster, this means that if you are willing to look after others' dogs, you too can have your pooch looked after.
Q. Why do you ask me so many questions in the registration process?
To ensure the best possible match, both when you are looking for a minder for your dog or if we are looking to place another owner's dog with you.
Q. I have more than one dog – can I have them all looked after?
Yes. We will endeavour to keep multiple dogs together but that will not always be possible. Also please note – one credit is for one dog, so two dogs will cost two credits per night.
Q. Does Ronster screen its members for their suitability to mind my dog?
No, Ronster acts as a service to put owners in touch with minders (who in most cases will be other owners). It is up to you, the user of Ronster to determine if the suggested minder is suitable for your dog.  
Q. What if the dog I’m minding causes damage to my home?
Any damage caused by a dog you are minding is your own responsibility unless other arrangements have been made between the owner and the minder. Ronster accepts no responsibility and will not become involved in any discussions/settlements.
Q. What if the dog I’m minding becomes sick or injured in my care?
As per Ronster’s Terms and Conditions, the owner is responsible for any medical expenses for their dog while under the minders’ care.
Q. What if the dog I’m minding doesn’t get along with my own dog?
Ronster strongly recommends you meet any dogs and their owners in advance of minding them, to ensure the owner is satisfied with your house/yard and that their dog fits in with your environment, whether that be your own pets/children etc.
Q. What if I don't think the minder you have recommended is suitable?
Ronster strongly recommends you meet the minder and view where your dog will be staying in advance of leaving your dog with them. If you do not feel the environment is suitable, let us know and we will endeavour to match you with another minder.
Q. What if someone agrees to mind my dog and then pulls out at the last minute?
Ronster will do everything it can to find a new minder for your dog, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to replace a cancelled minder. In the event your minder cancels and we are unable to replace them, we will refund the matching fee and your credits.
Q. I don't have a dog myself, can I still register to be a minder?
Of course! As long as you are able to mind a dog and the owner is satisfied that you/your property is suitable, we'd love you to register as a minder. You will still earn credits which may come in handy if you do get a dog one day!
Q. Are credits transferable from one Ronster member to another?
No. Credits may only be used by the Ronster member whose account they are in.
Q. What payment methods do you accept?
Once your minding details are confirmed, we will email you an invoice. You can pay this invoice by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Bank Transfer.