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Australia's Dog Minding Club!

Weary from the weekend

Mon, 21/11/2011 - 5:40pm -- TanyaM

I write this in a very weary state after such a busy weekend. My humans flew off to some place called Adelaide for a wedding, and I went to stay with my new Golden Retriever friends Daisy and Caesar. They have such a huge yard, for me it was like spending the weekend at the park. 

Caesar is so old he could be my Grandpa, or even my Great-Great Grandpa for that matter. He liked to boss me around and he kept hiding his bones from me, which I didn't think was very sharing of him. Daisy is much closer to my age and so she was able to keep up with all my mischief. It rained so much on Saturday that you'd think we would have taken shelter inside ... but instead we made our own fun outside with all the mud that the rain brought. We got a little bit dirty but I tried to keep most of it on my belly and am hoping that my humans won't notice it because even though I love water, I don't love baths. They can't understand my inconsistency but if you think about it - there is a big difference between wading into the ocean voluntarily versus being tied up and having buckets of (admittedly nice and warm) water thrown over you. Although I do quite enjoy the bit where they massage the shampoo in and the toweling off at the end ... but I'd never tell them that.

Even though my humans picked me up last night and I had a full night's sleep (not to mention that I've really done nothing but sleep under Tanya's desk all day today), I am still exhausted. And I'm expecting that I'll have quite a big week coming up, given that it's my birthday on Friday! I think turning one is a pretty big milestone, but for some reason my humans seem to be looking forward to 18 months... something about me growing out of my 'puppy behaviour' ... We'll see about that.

For now I wish everyone a great week and look forward to sharing my adventures with you again next week, no doubt from the much wiser perspective of a dog who has just celebrated his first birthday.

Until then...