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Australia's Dog Minding Club!

Same Same but Different

Sun, 15/07/2012 - 2:16pm -- TanyaM

I don’t like the way us canines get stereotyped just because we look the same as a fellow dog who might have particular traits. The humans are lucky, they tend to have many more distinguishing features than us pooches. I’ve seen the Crime Stopper ads, where they put up a description of the perp – 6 foot tall, dark hair, moustache. It’s not an exact science but at least it helps narrow it down.

But us furballs – once you get into the specific breed, it can be so hard to tell between us. Take the photos below for example – this is me and my new friend Zulu – the humans showed this photo to friends, and even humans who’d met me before couldn’t tell who was who. Do you realise how insignificant that made me feel?

I know I’ve complained about humans before and their birth-given advantages (please don’t get me started on opposable thumbs again) but I do feel they need to be a little more considerate of our individuality. I learnt early on that you can’t always judge a dog by its appearance. I’ve been snarled at by ‘friendly’ breeds and had great plays with ‘risky’ breeds and while it should teach me to approach with caution, sometimes I can’t contain my puppy exuberance, and I have learnt the hard way more than once.

The humans seem a little more savvy with the approach with care tactic, and allowing us to sniff them before they touch us can make us much more comfortable. But to those who see me walking along with my human (on the lead of course) and cross the road to avoid walking near me, I can only say it is their loss. I’m sure all humans have heard the expression ‘not to judge a book by its cover’ and I find it even more staggering considering the handsomeness of my cover. So whether they previously had a bad experience or have just never had exposure to the four legged kind, they just don’t know the love and fun times they are missing out on.