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Australia's Dog Minding Club!

The Festive Season

Thu, 19/01/2012 - 5:22pm -- TanyaM

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last updated you all of my doggy happenings. So much to tell! Firstly, a big happy new year to everyone - although technically a new dog year starts for me every few 'human' months, and no one ever thinks to wish me well for it ... but in this case I shall be the bigger dog and wish you all a successful 2012.

So now that all the Christmas celbrations are over, and I have visited that mysterious place called Adelaide, I thought I'd share some of my adventures with you. My humans were right - the car trip was long, but they kept telling me what a good boy I was so I think I did alright. They were thoughtful enough to let me stretch my legs with a big run half way, but it was so hot in Horsham (the car said 39 degrees) that after some gentle jogging I was already sweating up a storm. We finally arrived at my Human Uncle and Aunt's house, where I met my playmates for the next fortnight: Digger and Ella.

Digger is a Blue English Staffy - just a pup at eight months old and quite the handsome fellow. I was so excited to meet him but he was a bit scared of me to start with. I think it's because I'm quite tall compared to him, and it took a full day for him to stop hiding under the house and realise that although I'm big, I'm fairly gentle, and once I earned his trust we became the best of friends.

Ella is a Miniature Daschund. I was a bit confused by her - I mean, she smelt like a dog but she was so small that she didn't look anything like a dog. And I don't mean small like a third of my size - I heard the humans talking, and I weigh ten times as much as she does. She's basically the size of my nose. I was thinking life must be pretty tough being so small ... until I saw the special treatment she gets from her humans.

While Digger and I made our own fun outside, little Ella got to spend all day and night in the house with human company. Even with my humans, who I normally spend all my time with inside. If only I could shrink myself to get such special attention!

So instead I tried to show off my skills to get special attention. We went to the beach one morning, all of us, and I swam out as deep as I could to fetch the ball and frolick with some swimmers. One morning swimmer got quite surprised when I saw her, changed direction, and paddled along next to her for a short while. Little Ella had to wear a life jacket and even then her tiny little legs couldn't keep her stable, and poor Digger's body is so heavy and he hasn't yet mastered the swim stroke that he wasn't keen on the water either. So that was our last group trip to the beach. Fortunately for me my humans took me to my favourite beach at Brighton when we got back to Melbourne, and all other aspects of life returned to normal too. Oh, how I missed couch time with the humans.

Now that we're back, the humans think my behaviour is better than ever. And to be honest, they're probably right. Just don't mention the last remaining cucumber seedling that I try and uproot each and every night...