Australia's Dog Minding Club!
Australia's Dog Minding Club!

It's Just Not Cricket

Mon, 20/02/2012 - 7:49am -- TanyaM

Now this may come as something of a surprise after my last entry proclaiming that I love being an Aussie dog, so I'm just going to come out and say it - I don't like cricket. I'll give you all a moment to exhale that gasp you just took, and tell you my reasons.

On the surface, I can see the appeal. Who wouldn't want to spend all day outside with their pack chasing a ball around? That's really all I ever want to do, which is where I have the issue with Cricket. Once Summer hits, all my favourite parks are off limits as the humans in white take over and I am relegated to the sidelines, or the corners of the park, with limited space to chase my ball, just so they can chase theirs.

It may sound like I'm just a wee bit jealous, and perhaps I am. I've watched their skills, and I'm pretty sure I'd be an asset to their pack. I can chase a ball faster than any of them, and even though I don't have the ability to throw, with my speed I reckon I could run it back to the sticks in the same time it takes one of the humans to run to the ball, pick it up and throw it. 

I do concede that my main shortfall would be when it became my turn to bat but we're not really on a level playing field here. I can't help that I don't have thumbs. 

So why couldn't cricket have specialised players, who have one key role to fulfil and don't have to do the others that they're no good at, like NFL players? I could be Ron, star fielder, the hero of the pack! And I'd look good in white. 

I might start drafting my letter to Cricket Australia now.