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Australia's Dog Minding Club!

The Man Human's Birthday

Tue, 13/12/2011 - 7:52am -- TanyaM

I've noticed that I tend to update my stories after a weekend more than any other time of the week - but that's because so much more exciting stuff happens on weekends. This weekend just gone was my man human Michael's birthday, so as a treat Tanya organised a weekend away for all of us. From what I hear, it sometimes can be hard to find a place to stay when they want to include me in their plans, so I feel super lucky that I was able to go along. 

We left on Friday afternoon and headed west - it was a pretty big car trip for me and though I do love the car, I got a bit bored. The humans told me it was nothing compared to what we've got coming up at Christmas time (apparently we're driving to Adelaide, where the humans are from originally) so I'm starting to feel a bit apprehensive about that. But I digress. After what felt like forever, we finally arrived at our beach house for the weekend. I was very excited to find a toy already in the yard for me to play with, but best of all was how close we were to the beach. It was a bit cool by this stage but I had so much energy from my couple of hours in the car that I ran/swam as much of it out as I could. 

Needing a rest, we headed back to the house where I cosied up on the fluffy dog pillow that was there waiting for me. I found it a little strange that the pillow for dogs had pictures of cats on it, so I just pretended like I was squashing the cats by lying on them and it made the pillow all the more enjoyable. 

We've stayed at a dog 'friendly' place before - although it wasn't really that friendly as I watched the owner lecture my humans, including my grand-humans who were away with us for the weekend, about all the damage I might do, even though I hadn't done anything naughty yet. I had half a mind to chew her furniture to at least make the lecture warranted, but I didn't want to get my humans in genuine trouble.

So, imagine my surprise, when this place on the weekend was SO dog friendly that they even had a basket of sticks inside. I'm not allowed to bring my sticks inside at home, and here I am on holidays and they provide sticks inside, right between the TV and something I heard being called a fireplace. Alas, my humans keep the same rules on holidays as they do at home and any stick chewing was only allowed outside. I was a bit confused at one stage as some of the furniture was made of sticks too, but my humans made it very clear very early that they weren't chewing sticks. If there's one thing I've learnt in my first year of life, it's that humans have a lot of rules. They especially seem to have a lot of rules for me. But that's a story for another day.

For now, as with any Monday after a busy weekend, I need to catch up on my rest.